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Nonprofit Missouri is pleased to share the 2015 Landscape Report: Quantifying Missouri’s Nonprofit Sector. Our intent is to provide an overview of the Missouri nonprofit industry. The report will describe its scope and impact within a broader economic perspective.

While there are generally positive feelings about nonprofit organizations, usually there is a tendency to overlook their economic and political impact. If they are true to their missions and operate effectively, nonprofits “do good.” These same organizations, however, also employ people who contribute to the tax base, purchase goods and services from a wide range of businesses, and contribute to the quality of community life. This report will examine those often-overlooked aspects of the operations of Missouri nonprofits in some detail, as well as compare Missouri charitable organizations with those operating throughout the United States.

Understanding the broader social, economic and political impact of nonprofits raises a host of policy questions for law-makers, economists, and local leaders. The goal of Nonprofit Missouri is to support and maximize the benefits of the nonprofit sector for the good of all in Missouri. This report highlights several of the most critical issues related to the success and future of the nonprofit sector. Among them are:

• Recognizing the enormous role of nonprofits in community and economic development;

• Understanding nonprofits as key partners in formulating effective public policies;

• Identifying policy and actions that will further the development of the nonprofit industry;

• Considering how grant-makers can better support nonprofits and maximize their impact, effectiveness and efficiency.

Although the Acknowledgements section of the report recognizes the many individuals and organizations who contributed to the conceptualization and compilation of this report; special thanks is owed to the Missouri Foundation for Health which provided the financial support that made this research possible. Information and data in this report was compiled for Nonprofit Missouri by Vision for Children at Risk.
We invite you to review this report. And we invite you to partner with Nonprofit Missouri in strengthening the nonprofit sector for the benefit of all of us in Missouri.


Barbara Levin

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